Review: 3 Legged Thing OLLIE L-Bracket for OM System OM-1

Review: 3 Legged Thing OLLIE L-Bracket for OM System OM-1

After my switch to OM SYSTEM I appreciate compactness, easy handling and the combination/integration of as many featurs as possible in particular – for both my camera setup and all additional gear.

Since repositioning a camera on a tripod can be a fiddly challenge sometimes, I have been thinking about getting an L-bracket for quite a while.

Additionally I thought this could add some more surface for the fingers to grab.

So far for my theoretical plans…

Let´s see how that actually turned out.

The 3 Legged Thing Ollie L-Bracket

The main purpose of an L-bracket is helping change the camera from horizontal to portrait orientation quickly, when placed on a tripod.

While researching for a good bracket, I also had the idea, that the base plate part of the construction would help me increase the grip zone of the setup, as i have relatively big hands and my pinkie finger often does not find a place to hold on to.

At first i was planning to get one L-bracket to fit both needs, but ultimately decided to go for a 2-option solution: a simple baseplate for the bottom and a super compact L-bracket for changing the orientation, whenever i do landscape for example, as I did not want to increase the size of the otherwise compact MFT system too much,

Additionally i realized only after getting the Ollie, that the bracket´s base plate does not cover the complete width of the OM SYSTEM OM-1, hence does almost not reach the spot where my pinkie finger was supposed to rest.

With a bit of a stretch, I can find at least a bit of support though.

The 3 Legged Thing Ollie L-Bracket is however specifically designed to fit the OM SYSTEM OM-1.

I chose it over other competitors for being a bit more price-friendly while offering a lot or even more features at the same time.

As 3 Legged Thing sit in the UK, shipping would not take too long to Germany.

The company is widely known for building quality tripods and other camera accessory.


99 EuroOrder Ollie for the OM-1 directly from 3 Legged Thing (UK) here.

103 EuroOrder Ollie for the OM-1 from Foto Koch (Germany)

Features and build quality

The Ollie gives full access to the battery door and side ports.

Also, the camera back-screen can still be flipped out and tethering is still possible.

There is even a little cable management tool/adapter included in the package.

Thanks to an extendable base, OM-1 users can still use the side ports in portrait orientation and tether the camera.

The non-detachable screw for the extender is self-contained in the design, which is a nice twist.

What´s really nice, is, that it features a ¼”-20 screw thread to potentially attach an accessory arm, for example.

I am currently thinking about what I would need, that could be attached.

Ollie comes with an additional base adapter to use the L-bracket with the popular Peak Design Capture Clip (v3) system.

Super cool!

The PD adapter is made from glass reinforced nylon and supposed to be super tough.

There seems to be some irritation online, as due to its lightness some people mistake it for being made out of plastic, while it is actually not.

It would not fit the quality approach of both 3LT and the product itself anyways, if it was unreliable and cheap plastic – noone would entrust the bracket with an expensive camera then.

Regarding build quality, there are no sharp edges on the cut-outs and the L-Bracket itself feels very solid and sturdy.

With its matte, black finish, it integrates nicely into the OM-1 overall design.

Fit on the OM SYSTEM OM-1

It is no exaggeration if I say, the Ollie really fits perfectly on the OM-1.

The design and features are integrated nicely and there is no room for unwanted movement if the Ollie was attached properly.

The Ollie L-bracket is Arca-Swiss compatible.

As mentioned already, thanks to a cut-out, the rear screen can still be flipped out and tilted.

The base can be extended, so the tethering cables can be managed and connect to the ports without problems.

Changing batteries is also no issue, as the L-bracket´s base does not stretch over the battery cover..

Contents of Package

  • OLLIE L-Bracket (2-part composite)
  • Toolz Multi tool
  • Adapter for Peak Design Capture Clip (v3)
  • Microfibre bag
  • Cable support arm


So, for my initial plan for use an L-bracket to add some extra grip, the Ollie L-bracket from 3 Legged Thing is not an option, simply, because of its compact nature, the base plate does not extend to the side unter the handgrip.

But this is of course no fault of the L-bracket but my personal choices and thoughts.

So, how does the Ollie perform as a super compact L-bracket then?

It fits perfectly, helps changing the orientation as intended and comes with lots of other features that might come in handy.

The Peak Design Capture Clip compatibility and the accessory arm screw in particular.

It is always nice to have gear, that adds features for potential use, even if you do not need them much or yet.

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